Carrbridge Capercaillie Group

The Carrbridge Capercaillie Group aim to;

1. Help residents learn more about their local capercaillie

2. Keep residents informed about the project’s activities

3. Represent the best interests of the community

4. Encourage and enable residents to get involved and have a say

The group typically meet monthly from 6.30pm – 8pm in the Village Hall. All members of the group are working in a voluntary capacity. Alice Buttress, Anna Ronayne, Anne Gray, Becky Badger, Charlie Miller, Ewan Archer, Frank Law, Issie Inglis and Justin Prigmore are all members. If you’d like to get involved please chat to any of the existing members or get in touch with Carolyn.

Carrbridge Capercaillie Group meeting notes:

Thursday 2 May

Thursday 16 May

Thursday 10 June

Wednesday 10 July

Wednesday 24 July

Thursday 8 August

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